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Weight & Broken Bones

Before I broke my foot I….
- weighed 137 pounds (no cast)
- worked out daily
- was training for a marathon
- was on my university’s cheer team
- was a gymnast
- ate fairly healthy

Now that I’ve broken my foot I….
- weigh 128 (with the cast on)
- work out lightly twice a week
- can’t run
- can’t do gymnastics
- can’t cheer
- eat like a NFL quarterback
- and sit around watching TV most of the day.

I do not post this to brag about weight loss because I am NOT proud. Let me repeat that- I am NOT proud of this weight loss because I know it’s muscle loss. I was shocked to see how quickly it really goes. I have only been on crutches for a week and a half now. And while my arms are going to be ripped- I’m still nowhere near as active as I was.

Counting down the days until I can get back to my old self!

Side Note- I’m 5’ 3”.

Broken Foot Workouts

Butt/Abs (4x through each set)
- 50 flutter kicks
- 30 bicycle crunches
- 30 hands/knees leg extensions
- 100 Pilates hundreds

- 25 mermaid kicks (each leg)
- 30 crunches
- 30 leg extension pulses (each leg)
- 30 oblique heel touches

Arms/Back (4x through each set)
- 20 bicep curls
- 20 prone flys
- 20 skull crushers
- 1 min superman hold

- 20 Arnold presses
- 20 superman chest lifts
- 20 tricep dips
- 1 min superman hold

None of these exercises require weight bearing on your feet. And they actually leave me sore the next day! Ask if you have any questions!

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